Comic Book I-CON

December 16, 2017, 10:00am–6:00pm
Iowa State Fair Grounds 4H Building

Adult tickets are $15
Kids 12 & under get in FREE (with adult)
Veterans get in FREE

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More info on the return of the I-CON. One of the reason I feel that cons have a drop in attendance is high pricing on the fans. While being a part of the group that put on the MC, we tried to do a lot of things to reach more people. That meant taking chances that involved more spending. Maybe too big too fast and the cost to do it hurt the end product. We succeeded in many ways and did many big things, but missed in others. I am sure the new crew on the MC already has plans to work with that and I wish them luck and success.

The Iowa Event Center is a great place but the price to rent with the added on charges made us need to raise the ticket prices. While the MC was worth it, the ticket price was not family friendly to those who remembered the I-CON.

So on the theme of “EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN” the 2017 Comic Book I-CON will be on December 16 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the 4-H Building! We had a few I-CONS here in the past and now are back to relaunch! The parking is free and the space is comparable to the event center. The price to rent is more affordable, so we can lower the attendance charge to the fans and their families. Free parking means you have more fun money to spend on what you want.

Please remember the Comic Book I-CON was based on how great comic books are. Reading, writing, and drawing are all great super powers to have to express yourself! The I-CON will focus on the joys of these things and what the genre gives us as fans and how it can help educate kids. We are not ready to try and be a Wizard show and do not want to copy them. Give us time and we will be back as the I-CON you remember and even better.