Cosplay Contest

There will be Kids Cosplay Contest at 2pm and Adult Cosplay contest at 4pm.

See rules at the bottom of this page

Cosplay Guests

Ezmeralda Von Katz

Ezmeralda Von Katz is a nationally recognized cosplayer who has been creating costumes for most of her life. Von Katz makes everything from armor pieces to Elizabethan gowns, and she loves the challenge of crafting her cosplay creations.

At the convention scene, Von Katz speaks on panels about cosplay, judges cosplay competitions, and walks the con floors to have fun in costume and meet fellow cosplayers.

Her work has been featured on multiple cosplay sites such as Cos Couture, EZ Cosplay and Geek Girls, and her cosplays have received numerous awards, including Best Novice at Dragon*Con, Best Female Villain at Wizard World Des Moines, and multiple Best in Shows at other conventions.


Local cosplayer and winner of the 2017 Wizard World DSM for Best Costume. Namira will have a table next to Dustin Murrell. She is also co-creator of “The Princess Warriors.”







The Midwest Comicon Costume Contest rules

  1. Anyone in costume, with valid admission to the Midwest Comicon, can enter the contest.  All costumes are welcomed and encouraged as long as they conform to the rules.
  2. Each contest will consist of 6 categories.  
    1. Humans, ages 16 and up.  
      1. Best male
      2. Best female
      3. Male runner-up
      4. Female runner-up
      5. Fan favorite
      6. Best in show.
    2. Smaller humans, ages 15 and down (Youth contestants must have a guardian present during the contestants judging).
      1. Best girl
      2. best boy
      3. girl runner-up
      4. boy runner-up
      5. fan favorite
      6. best in show
  3. The registration table is near the stage.  Registration must be completed 30 minutes before the contest starts.  (1:30 PM on Saturday, 12:30 PM on Sunday.)  Only the first 50 registrations daily will be accepted. 
  4. All contestants must sign a waiver for photography.  Children’s guardians will be asked to sign a waiver for photography.  Photographs can and will be used to promote this and future events on all media formats.
  5. Contestants are allowed to provide a likeness photograph of the character they are portraying.  Judges are not responsible for researching costumes and characters.
  6. Legal real and prop weapons used as part of the costume are allowed with restrictions. You are expected to act responsibly with your weapon, and you may be asked to check your weapon in to the Midwest Comicon staff if we deem the weapon potentially dangerous to your fellow attendees. If you decide to carry a weapon, by signing your registration form, you accept any legal and financial responsibility for any damage your weapon may cause to persons or property.  We ask that the following prop restrictions be observed:
    1. No metal weapons.
    2. No real guns, loaded or unloaded.
    3. No smoke or fog machines.
    4. No fluids, gels, or other substances which can stain or require cleaning.
    5. No projectiles.
    6. No aerosole sprays.
  7. Anyone who is purposely scaring or threatening children or other attendees may be asked to leave the convention.
  8. Grown-ups: NO blatant nudity. This is a family event. Please use discretion with your character, props, and performance content.
  9. No live animals, glitter, confetti, pyrotechnics, or live flames are allowed.  Services animals are allowed.  Sabretooth tigers are not services animals, Ka-Zar.
  10. No electricity or batteries will be provided at the convention for costumes.  Character acting is highly encouraged within safety limits, but a skit is not required.  No special requests for music, lighting, special effects, relocation of judging, etc. can be provided.  
  11.  All contestants must be able to gain entrance into the judging area under their own power, or with assistance from their own handlers.  Handlers will not be provided.  Your entry must be completed before you get to the staging area. No sewing, gluing, spray painting, welding, or other construction work is allowed backstage. However, final assembly of large costumes and/or props and unexpected repairs will be allowed.
  12. Participants will be given a number at registration.  This is how fan favorite will be voted on by the crowd.
  13. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of all categories.
  14. Judges rulings are final.  Unfortunately, everyone will not receives a prize.  The Midwest Comicon has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience/building/participants, violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.
  15.  Have fun.