Iowa Comic Book Club

The Iowa Comic Book Club (ICBC) is a group of comic book and sequential art fans who first got together in 1980 to share their appreciation for this classic american art form . From the club’s founding in 1980 through 2000 club member Gene Kehoe and the ICBC published a nationally acclaimed fanzine titled it’s a fanzine. The club did not have regular monthly meetings in the 80’s and 90’s but they put on several marketplaces for the fans. In 2001 the ICBC revived the comic book marketplace and the next year included a dozen professional comic book artists & writers.

In 2003 the ICBC changed their con name to Comic Book I-Con and doubled their list of creators from the previous year. That year the ICBC also adopted their ongoing slogan of “we all have issues!” which they still use today. The I-Con has continued to expand it creator list to include artists and writers from outside the midwest and to the east and west coast . In 2005 the Comic Book I-Con featured over 40 creators making it the largest comic book convention in Iowa history and that number grew the next year as well. In 2015, the midwestcomicon, run by a 3rd party group, replaced the Comic Book I-Con show with the ICBC continuing to act as a financial sponsor.

In the 2006 the ICBC became a non-profit corporation with the goal of promoting comic books as a great source of literature and art appreciation. The focus also became one to get more children interested in comic books as a way to learn to read and to make the con a family friendly environment.

The ICBC has continued to maintain a monthly organized meeting at the Urbandale public library where fans can enjoy discussion about the comic books they collect as well as help organize free comic book marketplaces and the Comic Book club’s annual con – minICON.  The ICBC acts as a financial sponsor of themidwestcomicon. If you are interested in joining the ICBC just come to one of our regular monthly meetings that can be located on our site at The ICBC is now on facebook too with weekly topics & updates about cons, shows, or other points of interest for the comic book fan.


You may contact us at our club address:

P.O. Box 3604 Ash Creek Station
Des Moines,Iowa 50323-3604

The Iowa Comic Book Club, Inc. is a 501c(4) non-profit corporation