MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR DEC 16: The Iowa Comic Book Club is helping Barnes & Noble (4550 University Ave, West Des Moines, IA) bring joy to foster kids this holiday with another COMIC BOOKFAIR! Many times older foster kids get left out when people’s thoughts are of the little kids at the holidays. B&N will be collecting Trades and GN this day for foster kids at the registers and wanted our help to spread the word. On DEC 16 ALL Marvel and DC Trades and GN are Buy 2 get 1 FREE so you can get 2 for yourself and 1 for someone less fortunate. We will also be wrapping presents from 11 AM to at least 5 PM that day and some of us will be in cosplay mode like Superman and Wonder Woman! As a bonus for the ICBC, if you mention that you “Support the BOOKFAIR”, we will get a percentage of that sale to put toward our activities. I hope you will stop out anytime DEC 16 and bring a smile to a foster child’s face with good reading material.


Thanks to everyone for a successful 2014 Comic Book I-CON

ICON2014FB22014 Comic Book I-CON was a rousing success!  More vendors, artists, guests, fun, and attendees than ever before!  This could not have been possible with out a lot of hard work from our event coordinator Scott Allen Wirth and all the team members from the Iowa Comic Book Club.  A special thank you goes out to our sponsors, vendors, and other guests.  A partial list is below.  Please support them and let them know you appreciated all they did to help make the 2014 Comic Book I-CON convention a terrific day!


Costume Contest Prizes assembled and ready to go!

10712749_709774722441080_5550944907698222324_nThe prize baskets for the winners and runner ups for the costume contest have been assembled.  And to simply put it, they are “SUPER“!  Collectible Figures, Gift Certificates for Photo Shoot, Hotel Stay, & DJ Services, Buttons, Posters, Rings, Comics, Graphic Novels, Collected Editions, Games, Backpacks, and more all included in one or more of the baskets!  These are no small  pickings!  Prizes packages literally add up to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in value.

 And of course the coveted awards themselves to the winning participants!

Hope you see you at the convention & in costume!

Photo credit: Reality Reimagined with members of the Iowa Comic Book Club & Iowa Cosplay


Comic Book I-CON 2014 is Saturday!

ICON2014FB2Make sure to join us on Saturday for COMIC BOOK I-CON 2014!  The day will be filled with events and fun all day!  The doors are open from 9AM until 5PM.  Come early for free give away items and more!

Join us because, “We all have issues!”


Build your costume!

des-moines-playhouseFor all those cosplayers attending the COMIC BOOK I-CON, we have just confirmed that the DES MOINES PLAYHOUSE will have a space and they will be selling costume pieces. These are not the same ones from their garage sale but some different apparel. Stop by and give them a look for your next costume project.